Kobe pointing

These are Our Heroes

The NBA All-Star game was fun to watch. The tributes to Kobe and Gigi were profound and heart-wrenching. Their legacy was deservedly memorialized in ceremony and song. I can’t start this segment without paying homage to them, not for their athletic achievements, but for the power and strength of their familial bond, an unwavering love that we should all aspire to.

The power of love cannot be discounted when you’ve reached the depths of despair. Steve Mitchell found it in his family, particularly with his twin brother. My story is one of recovery from addiction, something that could never have happened without the support of that one family member who stuck by me and my faith in a loving and caring God. This article is dedicated to our supporters.

Susan Coleman (Makayla’s Mom)

Makayla Coleman

The story of Makayla Coleman garnered national attention earlier this year when she was involved in a horrific car accident that nearly decapitated her and left her with a traumatic brain injury she was not expected to survive. Her mother, Susan Coleman, refused to give up on her, even when the doctors told her she’d have to pull the plug. Susan leaned on her faith and prayed, Makayla woke up, and she’s on the road to recovery. Susan is one of our heroes this week.

Deb Shaoul (Demetrius Scaife’s Aunt)

Demetrius Scaife

Gun violence among young teens is plaguing this country. Demetrius Scaife was a victim of that plague back in December of last year. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and paralysis in the left side of his body. The circumstances of the shooting are still being investigated, but that did not stop his aunt, Deb Shaoul, from doing something to fight the violence. Her words should be a rallying cry throughout the country. “How do we rally together as a community? It’s speaking up,” said Shaoul. “It’s speaking out. It’s looking out for each other. It’s bonding together and being able to protect our youth.”

Earl (Lynlee Crist’s Horse)

Lynlee and Earl

Lynlee Crist was thrown from her horse in 2018 after his feet became entangled in a training sled. That horse, Earl, a 19-year old quarter horse, became her salvation. This is truly a story of “getting back in the saddle again.” Lynlee was in a coma and not breathing after the accident. She was rushed to the hospital and remained in a vegetative state for twenty-seven hours. Miraculously, she not only woke up, but is now competing again. She went through weeks of physical therapy in the hospital, but it was reuniting with Earl that truly began the healing process. Here’s to you, Earl.

Who are your heroes?

Everyone has someone who inspires them, a person (or an animal) who drives us to take that extra step, go that extra mile, or push for the result everyone else is claiming is “impossible.” Who is that person to you? We’d really like to know. Use the comment section below to share some feedback. The world needs inspiration. Help us provide that by telling them what inspired you. Who is your hero?

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