Paige Spiranac

Do you have the balls to play golf this year?

I went to Dick’s to buy some balls yesterday and I was faced with a familiar early-season dilemma. Should I just get some cheap Top Flite XL’s for $9.99 a box or am I ready to just go with my comfort-zone favorite Callaway Chrome Soft (Shamrocks) at $39.99.

The Shamrocks are my signature ball, but this time of year I tend to put more of them in the woods than on the fairway with my driver. I would have bought them anyway, but there were none in stock and I’m playing tomorrow. No time to wait for online delivery.

My home club is named the Woods of Westminster and it lives up to its name. I’ve been playing indoors on the simulator all winter, so I’m somewhat confident in my stroke, but not enough to go all out and upgrade to Titleist Pro V1’s. Maybe in July some time.

Ball Buying Advice for the Beginner

If you’re just starting out, don’t spend a lot of money on golf balls. Dick’s Sporting Goods sells a 48-pack of Top Flite D2+ balls for $34.99. Start with those. Learn the game. Until you get your stroke down and start hitting fairways and greens, the ball will not matter.

I personally prefer Callaway Chrome Softs because they give me a little extra pop off the tee. They also tend to drift a little if I miss the sweet spot on my driver or fairway wood, but I’ll take a little right or left English if I’m getting an extra twenty or thirty yards.

For intermediates, don’t make the mistake of thinking those Callaway Diablo’s will give you the same experience as the Chrome Softs. There’s a reason they’re on sale for $20 a box. Good brand name. Garbage ball. I tried them for a week and hated them. The Top Flites are cheaper and fly longer and straighter.

The Titleist Pro V1 is, in my opinion, the best ball on the market. Come tournament season (August to October in the Northeast), they will definitely be my ball of choice. They’re $55 a box and worth every penny if you have a little game going on.

Introducing Paige Spiranac

The woman pictured at the top of this page is named Paige Spiranac and she is an LPGA golfer. She was a stand-out at San Diego State and played in the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters in 2016. Why is she included in this article? We want her to know that we support her.

Paige is a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t fit the “right” stereotype. She walks, talks, and dresses unlike any other lady golfer on the LPGA tour, and they trash her for it. She’s been the victim of a nude photo release by her ex-boyfriend, so many of her “fans” are more interested in her cleavage than they are her golf game. .

Jaclyn Hendricks at the New York Post recently ran a great story on Paige Spiranac. It details the nude photo scandal and the damage it inflicted on Paige’s public and private life. You can also read how she responded to her ex’s nastiness by doing SI’s swimsuit issue (topless) and now has 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

I’m guessing that when you read the title of this article and saw Paige’s picture, the last thing on your mind was which golf ball you were going to buy. Are you hoping she shows up at your golf course? Be careful. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but Paige is also a professional golfer and she definitely has the balls to beat you.

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