Spiritual Christian Golf Experience

Golf is a Spiritual Experience, Not a Public Spectacle

Those who don’t play golf may not get this, but when I heard the announcement that the PGA tour was being put on hold last night I thought, “That’s sensible and prudent in this climate.” Then I read a story that one of the main reasons was that the players didn’t wan’t to play “without fans” and I lost it. Are you kidding me?

It seems like the Billionaire Boys club that is today’s PGA tour has forgotten why we play golf. The game was never meant to be a public spectacle. It’s a spiritual experience. Having bad days on the course and shanking shots might be frustrating, but the golf experience is a personal journey. Get yourself into the right headspace and you play well. Stay glued to your phone and you’ll shoot poorly.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wonderful that the world’s best golfers offer a live venue for folks to experience the game first hand, but they had an opportunity to play the greatest game on earth in a controlled environment and provide some relief to a scared population. Why cancel completely? Does a good round of golf not count if no one is there to see it live?

Real Golfers Get It

Basketball, hockey, baseball, and football are spectator sports. I understand why those players don’t want to play without fans. They’re also team sports, so chances of spreading Covid-19 are higher in their environment. Golfers don’t play each other. We may gather in groups of four and wager for fun, but the game is basically us against the course. I have curtailed some of my travel to large group events, but I will never stop playing golf.

The spread of a global pandemic is a frightening situation that has normally rational people running scared. The media and politicians in Congress are fueling the flames of fear. Golfers are still playing golf. It’s what we do. For a good number of us, the course is where we feel closest to God. If you’re overwhelmed or worried about the future, take a moment, pause, and pray. Trust me. It works.

A Message of Hope and Inspiration

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