Murphy Family at Birdie's

Indoor Golf is a Safe Social Option for the Whole Family

As group events and social venues shut down throughout the country, Americans are already starting to grow stir-crazy for physical activity. The gym is not an option. Team sports are out. Outdoor golf is awesome, but the family is home along with you. What can you all do together? Restaurant? Movie theatre? Arcade?

Have you considered indoor golf? Meet my friend Patrick Murphy and his family (picture above). They run Birdie’s Golf in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, where you can take some time away from all the madness to just be with family or friends, play some golf, and even order take-out food from the restaurant out back.

Is it safe? The beauty of indoor golf during times like these is that you’re still playing in a foursome, which meets the under-10 people standard set by the White House Coronavirus task force. Birdie’s has two bays, separated by a wall, so typically there are no more than eight players at a time. Golf lessons are available.

Patrick opened Birdie’s at the end of 2018. His wife Katy is a school teacher and they have two children, Kevin (5) and Teagan (3). This week, instead of profiling an athlete or famous celebrity, we’d like to dedicate our “hero” post to the Murphys, a small business owner and a school teacher. Our gratitude, our thoughts, and our prayers are with them as we enter what will surely be a trying time for this young family and others like them across the globe.

Finding New Ways to Socially Connect

Avoiding gatherings of ten people or more does not mean “hoard toilet paper and lock yourself in your home.” Overwhelming fear leads to irrational actions. We’re watching that happen around the world right now. Please don’t fall into that trap. Our society needs to continue to function for us to survive this crisis as a nation.

In the meantime, we’d like to ask all our readers and golfers out there to continue to socialize, sensibly. Golf, both indoor and outdoor, is a great way to do that. One club I play at chose to close their dining room, while keeping the course open and offering a take-out lunch. I’m sure I’ll see folks socializing there this spring.

It’s great to see groups using Zoom and Facebook Watch Parties to communicate. Neither is a substitute for real human interaction. These next few months will be some of the most challenging we have faced in our lifetimes. Gathering together with friends in small groups will help us to get to the other side of it. Don’t isolate. If you lose all human contact, you’ll forget what we’re fighting for.

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