How to Safely Play Golf during Covid-19

Earlier this morning, I published an article on another site titled “Massachusetts Golfers Petition Governor to Re-Open Golf Courses.” The response to it has been overwhelming, so I’d like to share some of the content here. Golfers around the country have been struggling with staying at home and having no outlet to maintain their sanity. There’s no reason for it. Golf courses are open in many states. Here’s what they are doing to keep it safe:

  • Club houses will NOT remain open
  • Flag sticks will NOT be used
  • Holes will be placed two inches above the ground or inverted so no one touches the hole
  • No golf carts will be allowed. Walking is to be encouraged
  • Tee time intervals should be no less than twelve (12) minutes between groups
  • Clubs should encourage online payments to limit interaction between course staff and customers and avoid congregation in and around the clubhouse
  • Players are prohibited from congregating on the putting green or driving range before or prior to their round
  • When rounds are completed, customers must go directly to their vehicles
  • Strict adherence to all CDC guidelines relating to responsible social distancing

According to the CDC, the Covid-19 virus can survive on hard surfaces anywhere from a few hours to several days. By eliminating the need to touch anything handled by others, such as flag sticks, rakes, ball washers, and the inside cup of the hole, golfers are limited to handling only their own golf equipment. If everyone is walking or using their own pushcart, there’s no reason we can’t safely play.

The Massachusetts petition is not the only one of its kind out there. Connecticut originally banned golf as a “non-essential” business and then re-opened courses after listening to public outcry. Parks and trails are open. Golf courses should be open also. We may be stuck in our homes unable to work for another month or more. I’d like to be able to get out and play a round to relieve the pressure.

Are you in a “no-golf” state? If so, reach out to us. We’ll help you get a petition started to re-open your local golf courses. The current petition in Massachusetts already has nearly 20,000 signatures. That is definitely the “voice of the people” telling Governor Baker to give them back the sport we all love. It’s not just a game to us. Golf is part of our way of life. I’d call that “essential.”

Whether you live in Massachusetts or are a golfer from another state concerned that our brothers and sisters cannot golf there right now, please add your voice to their petition. Click the button below to digitally add your name to the list of folks who believe that prohibiting golf, a game that can be played safely while easily socially distancing from each other, is not okay.

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