It’s Impossible. Why would you take that shot?

Winning doesn’t always mean posting the best number on the scorecard. Golfers know this better than most. How many times have you gone out there, had a terrible round, but hit that one great shot to make it all worthwhile? That’s a win. If you don’t believe me, watch Tin Cup. Roy McAvoy blows a victory at the US Open by shooting a twelve on the 18th Hole. He could have laid up and scored an easy birdie for the win, but he just had to make “that shot.”.

In the end, Roy holes the final shot and gets the girl. It’s just a movie, right? Yes, but the real-life message is clear. Sometimes you just have to go for it, even when everyone else thinks you’re nuts. We’ve told you dozens of adversity stories this year and all of them have the same theme. The word “impossible” is often just a reflection of how others think about your situation. If you truly believe in something, that impossible scenario can become possible for you.

Meet Nick Scott

How does Nick Scott define winning? At the age of sixteen, after a near fatal car crash that landed him in a wheelchair, winning meant just staying alive another day. He spiraled into the depths of depression, put on far too much weight, and had a bleak vision for the future. At that time, life became meaningless. There were no victory scenarios on Nick’s horizon, only a slow deterioration towards the premature end everyone believed he was destined for.

In our darkest hours, if we have faith, God gives us the strength to overcome adversity. That’s what happened to Nick. Something deep inside him refused to give up. He turned a corner, started focusing on his physical and mental health, and stopped living in the world of what if’s and if only’s. Here’s what he’s achieved:

  • IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder
  • Champion Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer
  • Professional Speaker
  • Published Author
  • Business Entrepreneur

Success is a Journey, Not the Destination

We’re all struggling right now. My personal victory this week was driving to an out-of-state golf course and playing eighteen holes. It took a surprisingly monumental effort for me to leave the house. I imagine everyone who’s been in quarantine or under stay at home orders will experience the same thing. It’s not even concerns about the pandemic that are holding people back. It is a societal fear and general distrust that has been instilled in us by politicians, health professionals, news outlets, and social media. Every day we are deluged with negativity, voices talking about the “impossible.”

I will play more golf this year. I will get to see my favorite sports teams compete again. I will take my wife out to dinner soon and celebrate the Fourth of July with family and friends. My favorite bands will start touring and I’ll see them live. These are all part of the journey that we know as the American Dream. Don’t listen to the naysayers and give up on these things. Have faith, take those crazy shots when they come along, and believe that anything is possible.

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