GOAT Comparison: Tom Brady versus Tiger Woods

Arguably the two greatest players in their respective sports will be teeing off against each other on May 24th. No offense to Peyton or Phil, both champions in their own right, but Tom Brady and Tiger Woods have won at a level that transcends all expectations of human ability. Tiger has won fifteen majors. Tom notched his sixth Superbowl victory at Age 41 and he’s still playing.

Which of these mighty warriors has a wider margin between himself and the second best player in his sport? Tiger is still chasing Jack Nicklaus, who won 18 majors, but few would argue about his lasting impact on the game. Tom earned his GOAT belt after the Atlanta comeback (from a 28-3 deficit). That was #5. He got his sixth two years later and looks pretty good for #7 down in Tampa this year.

Let’s compare stories. Tiger has overcome numerous injuries and a self-inflicted scandal after cheating on his wife. He won the Master’s in 2019 after all of that. Tom lost the 2008 season to injury and has faced allegations of being a cheater himself. The Patriots have been accused of everything from filming opponent’s practices to deflating footballs. Brady won a Superbowl after each of those.

I wouldn’t bet against Tiger on Sunday, but for all-time greatness I have to give the nod to Brady. 17 Division titles, 9 AFC Championships, and 6 Superbowl Rings. Those aren’t just the best numbers ever. They are stats we may never see again. Even Peyton Manning, one of the greatest pure passers of all time, agrees with that.

Who will win the Match II?

Tiger might have a slight edge on Mickelson over the past few years, but Phil can come up big on any given Sunday and he beat Tiger in the original “Match.” Manning (6) and Brady (8) have similar handicaps, but Peyton has had more time to work on his game recently. Vegas currently has the odds in favor of Woods/Manning (-200). With Manning’s 3-1 record against Tom in AFC Championship games, a lot of folks are laying money on them.

Personally, I wouldn’t bet against Brady. The man just knows how to win. I also won’t bet against Lefty with Brady beside him. I think they’re going to win the match. I won’t be heartbroken if they don’t though. The real winners on May 24th are the fans. The official PGA Tour doesn’t open until June 11, but this historic showdown will be a live, televised golf event that features four of the greatest athletes of our age. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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