Decide to Get Up and Fight. It is That Simple.

Giving up and cowering in fear is not what we’re all about. At least it shouldn’t be. This global pandemic has knocked us on the mat repeatedly and many folks are ready to throw in the towel. Simple acts like going to work every day take a monumental effort. Trips to the supermarket require a mask and gloves. Dine-in restaurants and movie theaters may never be the same again.

Vinny Pazienza broke his neck and came back to fight Roberto Duran eighteen months later. Prior to the fight, he was asked by a reporter about the biggest lie he was ever told. “It’s not that simple,” Vinny replied. “That’s the biggest lie I was ever told. It’s a lie they tell you over and over. That’s how they get you to give up.”

Paz made a choice to get up and fight. Everyone told him it was impossible. His boxing career was over. Doctors warned him about potential paralysis. His family tried to stop him from working out. Even his trainer told him to give it up. None of that stopped him. Vinny was a fighter. That’s what he knew how to do. So he did it.

Do you have that Fighting Spirit?

We have been told that congregating in a public place could kill us, but doctors and nurses go to work every day to fight the virus. We have been warned that human contact is dangerous, but police and firefighters continue to do their jobs. Pathologists claim that Covid-19 can live on countertops for days, but food servers and supermarket employees still go to work. These people are fighters.

The rest of us need to fight, too. Did you choose not to go back to work because your unemployment check is higher than your salary? You’re not being financially responsible. You’re a coward. And you’re stealing from my grandchildren. Stimulus payments aren’t “free money” from the government. Someone will have to pay the bill.

Children born in 1900 lived through World War I, a Spanish Flu that killed 50 million people, and the Great Depression. They didn’t hide at home and ask Uncle Sam to pay their bills. That generation fought to survive. Then they fought again through a second World War, ensuring that freedom and our Great Republic would survive.

Do we have the same level of toughness our forebears had? It’s time to find out. Covid-19 isn’t gone by any means, but our economy will be if we don’t get back to work. It’s okay to be safe. Wear a mask. Care for your fellow human beings. Just don’t let fear stop you from fighting for our way of life. We owe it to those who came before us to get up and fight. It’s that simple.

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