Rory and DJ outlast Ricky and the New Guy

It wasn’t the best golf I’ve seen, but it was live and on television. That in itself made it a great day. Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson took the most skins (11-7), but it took an extra hole to do it. Yes, there was some drama. Newcomer Matt Wolffe, who earlier hit the longest drive (368 yards), stuck his tee shot within twenty feet on the 120-yard closest to the pin playoff hole. It wasn’t enough.

Rory McIlroy, the consensus number one player coming into this season, landed his tee shot just inside Wolffe’s, winning the match. It was a good day for golf, and a great day for charity, especially the American Nurses Foundation, who netted $1.85 million from the match. Seminole Golf Club scored a win, too. This was their national TV debut and the course definitely lived up to expectations.

Yesterday was also the first glimpse we got of professional golf in a post-pandemic world. It was odd seeing the boys carrying their own bags and the absence of fans took some time to get used to. Despite that, Taylormade Golf, the sponsors of this event, pulled this off nicely. It does raise some questions, though. Will caddies be disallowed this year. Are Tiger and Phil going to forego them next week?

All we can do at this point is wait and see. Next week there’s another charity match with a few guys we may have seen on TV once or twice. They’re all big names. Will the lack of applause affect their games? We certainly hope not. The Charles Schwab Challenge kicks off the regular season on June 11th. Will caddies be allowed? My guess is yes, with restrictions obviously. What do you think?

Steve Mitchell Golf Classic is Confirmed

One thing that we are certain of is that the Steve Mitchell Golf Classic will be played on October 16th at Lee’s Hill Golf Club in Virginia. We’ve confirmed with the course and several teams have already registered. You may recall, this is where our $1 Million Hole in One is being held this year. If you haven’t registered for the tournament yet, visit our main website at The registration fee is $75 per player, $300 for a foursome.

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