Fades, Draws, and Approach Shots with Backspin

I’ve been chunking a lot recently. Not sure why. I’ve been lining up with a center-ball position. I don’t feel like I’ve changed my swing. And it’s only happening with my long irons, usually from the tee box. If you’re doing the same thing, correct that before moving on to fades and draws. I’ve included a video to help you.

Ball position is only part of the equation. Weight shift is another key to connecting properly. Your knees should touch at the end of your golf swing. That’s an indicator that your weight is shifting forward the way it should. When you chunk, your weight is too far back.

The third issue is club position. Your iron should be lined up center mass. To make sure your club is positioned correctly, point the club at your belt buckle. If not, your hands may be too far forward. Watch the video below to see what the result of that will be.

Shaping your Shots with Fades and Draws

Each of the tips we’ve published in the past few weeks should be practiced at the driving range before you take them out on the golf course. Fades and draws are no exception. These are both really useful shots, either off the tee or from the fairway.

I’ve watched this video several times and really like the way these two gents explain fades and draws. To simplify their instruction a bit, your feet should be pointed in the direction you want the ball to go off the tee. Your club should be pointed at the target.

Putting Backspin on your Ball

Hitting the green without any backspin often results in balls going off the back and extra strokes. Proper backspin can be the difference between birdie and par (or eagle). I found the following instructions in a Bill Herrfeldt article at Golfweek.

“Position the golf ball more toward your back foot, rather than in the center of your stance. That will force you to hit down on the ball, which will create backspin. Swing down hard and hit the ball first, taking a divot in front of it after the ball is struck.”

Better equipment and decent golf balls will help you with each of these shots, but don’t let that deter you from giving them a try at the driving range. I did and I hit a nice fade with my eight iron yesterday on a dog-leg right. I’m looking forward to more of that.

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