October Golf Classics are Just Five Weeks Away

Can you feel it? The pullover came out of the closet this morning. Fifty-five degrees isn’t quite cool enough for the jacket, but I made sure it’s in the front of the closet. As temperatures decline and autumn creeps ever closer, October golf is on my mind.

It’s by far the best time of the year for seasoned golfers. Spring is welcomed. Summer brings warmth. Fall is when everyone’s game is at its peak. Tournaments abound and superior skills are on display. Are you ready? You have five weeks to prepare.

I shot my first round in March this year. It was twenty-nine degrees when I teed off and I had to travel to another state to find an open course. Covid-19 shut us down in April, stealing two months of the season. Trust and believe, I will play until the snow flies.

October is when amateur hour ends and real golfers can play at a normal pace. No crowds at the tee box. No Brady Bunch slowing down the game. Colder temperatures and fallen leaves will drive them away. That in itself is reason to rejoice.

Do not mourn the passing of summer, nor curse the setting sun as hours of daylight dwindle in number. The full fruit of a labor of love lives in the harvest. For real golfers, October is when our labors bear fruit and our game can be displayed for all to see.

Now is the time to register for October Classics. Challenge yourself to compete with the best in the game. Hone your skills at the driving range. Play often in September because October is just five weeks away. Here’s what I’m signed up for so far:

Steve Mitchell Golf Classic

Scheduled for October 16th in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Steve Mitchell Golf Classic is the patron sponsor of October Golf Magazine and by far the best shot to win money playing golf this year. Multiple prizes, including a million dollar hole-in-one, are up for grabs. To learn more, visit SteveMitchellGolfClassic.com.


Sponsored by the Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster, Massachusetts, Golftoberfest will take place on October 10th. Reserve your foursome before October 2nd and wear lederhosen if you like. The cost is $100 per person and food and drinks will be served all day. Call Dan Bartkus at the Woods of Westminster to register today. The number is (978) 874-0500.

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