6 Simple Exercises for Golfers Over 50

In my head, I can play golf every day and never get sore or tired. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t agree. At fifty-four years old, I’m not exactly over the hill, but I do have a much better grasp of reality. I am no longer young. I need to work harder to stay active.

In New England, where I reside with my eight grandchildren, it’s starting to cool off a bit outside. Weather “experts” claim it will drop into the thirties this evening. I really don’t need them to tell me that. Knees, back, and an old shoulder injury have already forewarned me.

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, where we’re holding the Steve Mitchell Golf Classic in a few weeks, the temperatures are slightly warmer, but it’s still in the fifties this morning. Young guys love that kind of weather. Old guys like me have to stretch for ten minutes and drink lots of coffee before teeing off in the cold.

Even the Pros Get Old

For those of you in my age bracket, we are not alone. Phil Mickelson, who just turned fifty, shot an opening round 79 at Winged Foot this weekend and didn’t make the cut. Perhaps Embrel isn’t working for him? Or maybe he’s just an old man in a young man’s game.

Of course, Tiger missed the cut too, and he’s only forty-four. Personally, I’d be lucky to break a hundred at Winged Foot, so I can’t fault either of them. Let’s just say we’re all aging together and need a little help to maintain a decent golf game.

After straightening my aching back and rising from my bed on sore knees this morning, I spent a little time searching for stretching exercises to limber myself up. The video below is one of the better ones I found, but feel free to search further. There’s a ton of available content on this subject:

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