Short Game Tips: How to Hit 40-50 Yard Golf Shots

Perfect drive. You’re inside of fifty yards to the hole. Then, you shank the short shot. How many times have you done it? It’s more common than you might think. The forty yard golf shot, though seemingly simple, is one of the toughest in golf to get right.

Bump and run might get you to the green, but you’ll likely settle for par if you do that. This is a pitch from here, not a chip. Treat it that way and you’ll have a shot at birdie. I see a lot of guys try to pull their pitching wedge or take a little off the 56 degree.

Personally, I always swing to the capabilities of the club. My 60 will put me on from this distance, without having to “guess” how much force I have to put into it. The 56 and the pitching wedge are too long and will likely bounce me off the green.

Everyone’s game is different, so that may not be your story. I have one friend who can hit close to the hole from anywhere inside 100 yards, using only his pitching wedge. That’s old school. Today’s club selections give you more options. I take advantage of that.

Short Game Tips from an Expert

I wonder sometimes how many readers ignore my rambling and go right to the video. Club selection really is a personal choice. I’m just sharing my experience. As for technique, that’s another animal. I’ve employed all our tips this year and my game has vastly improved.

The following video is from Sam Vosler, lead golf instructor from the Sanford Power Golf Academy. He talks about the fear of chunking the short shot that causes so many of us to make key mistakes inside fifty yards. Check it out. It’s only a three minute watch.

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